Hi, I'm Kendra Fred! I fell in love with photography at age nine and haven't stopped taking pictures since. I used to take only pictures of nature until friends started graduating, and getting married. A gentle nudge from my Mom and numerous bookings later and, voila!

Fast-forward a few years, the photographer swapped places with the client and fell for her friend of eleven years. Greg and I got married September 16, 2017 and settled in Aberdeen, South Dakota. At first, I was unsure what would become of my photography and now videography adventures, but luck would have it I married a creative junkie with photographic aspirations.

Greg and I were talking about names for the business. I was pushing for the generic name with my initials, but we decided no matter which way you organize K and F it starts to resemble a national fried chicken chain.


Greg started pushing for something more organic and one day suggested Cedar Road (the name of the gravel farm road I grew up on). It ended up being the perfect fit for the mission behind our photography and videography business, as we always aim to capture moments that are both precious and pivotal.


Every time I hear, read or say Cedar Road, I am immediately taken back to a place of childlike wonder and adventure. Here at Cedar Road Photography and Videography, we hope to capture your very own personal Cedar Road, to preserve and cherish your special moments.